I bet I know why that dog is panting 😎. This is Juliette @juliettelynnklein . We first shot together in about 2004 or so. These were shot in April and May of this year. Still a lot more of Juliette and others still to post. #Models wanted & artwork 4 sale at http://www.UCPhoto.net Followme @UCPhotog … More

Hoping to work with Nadia @nadia_gerwell , a model from southwestern Connecticut again soon. This was from our 2nd shoot at the tail end of August. Nadia is a partner in a startup #lingerie company and a tv show producer. I’ve been getting caught up in posting with still more to come. #Models wanted & … More

Another beautiful person that I was lucky enough to work with prior to leaving California. This is Amanda aka @psyjinxx . Amanda and I have been connected for a while on Instagram but our schedules never synced. Luckily, we both found the time. I think It was the day before I left California that we … More

This is @alyssa.carey.71 , a model from the #Moline , IL area. We worked together on my cross country trip. We shot this at the end of July. Still more to come. #Models wanted & artwork 4 sale at http://www.UCPhoto.net #Followme @UCPhotog © #model #modelmayhem #Connecticut #Hartford #NewEngland #Boston #Providence #NYC #NewYorkCity #hottie #potd #picoftheday … More

Hey fans, My Twitter is UCPhoto_pics. Andie’s is @andiemeadows2016 and she has an erotic account at Patreon.com/andiemeadows . Check out my retweet Jan 08, 2020 on twitter and follow it over to her. She is a central #Mainemodel . This was from our first shoot, and it was chilly and not easy to find locations. … More

The wind cooperated for just a couple of minutes and gave us this shot of Shelby Rose @star_925 , a model, actress, and producer from the San Fran Bay area. We shot for the 2nd time days before I moved out of California. #Models wanted & artwork 4 sale at http://www.UCPhoto.net #Followme @UCPhotog © #model … More

The beautiful AmandaKatt @blakkatt_ , an #altmodel from the San Francisco South Bay area. This was from our 3rd shoot back in June or July. Still have a few more so stay tuned for more of Amanda and others. #Models wanted & artwork 4 sale at http://www.UCPhoto.net #Followme @UCPhotog © #model #modelmayhem #Connecticut #Hartford #NewEngland … More