Between all the meds and then every couple of hours meds or vitals, I get plenty of rest . . . but no sleep. Tomorrow is day 14. Advertisements

Yesterday appears to have gone OK. They removed another stone and inserted a stent in the common bile duct, blocking the duct from the gallbladder. Some not unexpected issues but hopefully they are very temporary. Today is day 12 and I hope that better news is coming soon. Thank you everyone for your wishes and … More

Lunch leftovers from some chicken piccata, veggies, jell-O, and I get the unsweetened iced tea with no ice and the sugar-free lemonade and combine them. 11th day and I’m still in the hospital. Going tomorrow to the other facility for the stent. Too many things happening and I’m a bit scared. I did take the … More

On the menu tonight: some chicken with wild rice, fruit cup and breathing exercises. Looks like I will be here at least until Tuesday, likely longer. I’ve been here over 8 days so far; some complications and more.

Had a couple of pain issues for a couple of days last week. But I had an idea of what was wrong until another symptom came in. I was going to wait and come in to see my doctor last Friday but the pain elevated pretty quickly. I came in last Thursday night but was … More