tRump and Melania won’t be attending the Kennedy Center honors due to the political fallout he’s had since Jan 20th. I’d suggest sending the same hosts as last year. Your calendar open that night President and Mrs. Barack Obama?

Another birthday comes around. Today one of the first models I worked with after moving to California is celebrating. After returning to the NorCal area, Iconmag Brooke caught the entrepreneurial spirit and started a magazine a few years ago. The image of Brooke in the sunglasses is about 20 years old but time (along with … More

In less than two weeks, Anthony Scaramucci got hired as the White House communications director, had a child (he texted congratulations to his wife), his wife filed for divorce (wouldn’t you if he texted like that?), and, has been fired as the White House communications director. And earlier today, tRump noted there was no White … More