Sitting at Starbucks tonight I met three adventurous travelers. Originally starting from the Montreal area in Canada, they traveled across their own country and now down into the United States. So far they’ve covered about 5000 km or about 3200 miles. They plan to see some of the beautiful sites and enjoy some of the great beaches here in California and then will travel and stop along the way toward the eastern United States. They will make their way back up, and end their trip, again near Montreal. I look forward to seeing the pictures and reading the stories from Nadine, Audrey, and Sophie. I wish them safe journeys and a lifetime of memories. #starbucks #starbuckscoffee #newfriends #traveling #mapreading #threemusketeers #ontheirway #safejourney #takelotsofpictures & #getwellsoon Nadine

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