“Today is a day to honor those who have honored our country with its highest form of service. We owe our veterans our thanks. Our respect. Our freedom. Today, we humbly acknowledge that we can never truly serve our veterans in quite the same way that they served us. But we can try. We can … More

Living the family life in Vegas, setting and exceeding goals she sets for herself, and today celebrating her birthday is Dani Purbaugh De Jesus. I think we worked together about 10-12 years ago and Dani is as beautiful as ever. Join me in wishing her a great birthday! Happy birthday Dani!

I’ve gotten moved. I went from County Hospital to a skilled nursing facility. The county hospital is a state-of-the-art facility with employees who seemed very dedicated and I’m going to guess well treated and respected by their employer. The facility I am at now, with the exception of the televisions, appears to have last been … More

I know other people, including my friends and especially some loved ones of my friends, have gone through more. I’m just sharing – not comparing. Today is day 15 that I’ve been here. It sounds like I’m going to go to another facility today or soon for more basic recuperation. I guess I’ll know more … More

Between all the meds and then every couple of hours meds or vitals, I get plenty of rest . . . but no sleep. Tomorrow is day 14.

Yesterday appears to have gone OK. They removed another stone and inserted a stent in the common bile duct, blocking the duct from the gallbladder. Some not unexpected issues but hopefully they are very temporary. Today is day 12 and I hope that better news is coming soon. Thank you everyone for your wishes and … More

Lunch leftovers from some chicken piccata, veggies, jell-O, and I get the unsweetened iced tea with no ice and the sugar-free lemonade and combine them. 11th day and I’m still in the hospital. Going tomorrow to the other facility for the stent. Too many things happening and I’m a bit scared. I did take the … More