Had a couple of pain issues for a couple of days last week. But I had an idea of what was wrong until another symptom came in. I was going to wait and come in to see my doctor last Friday but the pain elevated pretty quickly. I came in last Thursday night but was too late to see anyone in the same day clinic; I was referred to the ER. After all the blood tests, sonograms, CT, MRI, I was told that I would be admitted. It seems that my gallbladder has stones and at least one had moved into the bile duct.

They recommended two procedures. The first was done yesterday: they put a scope down through me, up into the bile duct, and remove the stone. Today they will take me to the operating room and remove my gallbladder. They said they would normally go in orthoscopically but with my size that might not be available.

Normally I would be fine. I understand how simple and common the procedure is. But after my heart issue, I am scared. Been here five days. If this is done orthoscopically, I should be out Wednesday or Thursday. If this is done the old-fashioned way, I’m looking at another five days here.

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