Went to the post office yesterday and got my Peach Cobbler Caramels that I ordered from ZellyMarz. Well packaged so no problems with shipping.

1st – they’re really big. I had a few friends who wanted to split one. And then they wanted to split another.

These are really good. REALLY good. Not too sweet, not too chewy. These are candy for adults (but the kid there loved it as well). The peach cobbler part tastes like some I remember from a few years ago when we ate at a pretty authentic southern cuisine restaurant. The caramel makes a great combination to it.

There are only 8 ingredients and it’s made in a licensed home kitchen by a woman I’ve worked with. Check out her page and her creations. If you’re in Northern California she’s going to some of the food shows / seasonal events (I think it’ll be on her page). You can order through Etsy so you’re safe that way.

Hope you’ll check her out and support if you can. Feel free to share as well.

BTW: No, I wasn’t paid for this. I bought the caramels through Etsy just like everyone else would.

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