I’ve never really been star struck. I remember the passing of only a few famous people that have affected me – Charles Schulz and Caroll O’Connor. When Schulz died, it was as if the Peanuts gang all died as well. I got the Sunday paper and before reading it, learned he’d passed away that Saturday night. Growing up with Archie Bunker, and learning how much that show made America look at itself, I admired O’Connor, Jean Stapleton, and the others on and part of that show. Today, though to me he didn’t have the cultural affect that Schulz and O’Connor had, I find myself very emotional at the passing of Robin Williams. I had met the man a few times in a social setting, and he was as open about making people laugh as he was about his demons of addiction. It may be that we are feeling a communal loss. This was a man who entertained us, who made us see the funny in the hurt, the happy in the struggle, and that personal demons don’t discriminate based on money or fame. Thank you Robin for the laughs, the smiles, and the memories. You will be very missed. Rest in peace and may your demons never know if they were victorious or not.

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