Well, it is Mother’s Day, and I miss mine with all my heart. It has been more than 19 years since my Mom was reunited with my Dad. There were always a couple of “second Moms” – a couple women who were always there. I don’t believe either of them have Facebook accounts, but I’ll try to call both today to express my gratitude for all that they’ve done. I also want to take a minute to say Happy Mothers’ Day to all the Moms that I’ve worked with here on my friends list. If I have missed you, I am sorry. So, (in no particular order) Happy Mothers’ Day Brittan Marie Stockert, Kate Kamer, Jackie Sin, Ali Rose Mielczarski, Heather Palm Sticht, Danielle Purbaugh De Jesus, Cassandra Kline, Brooke Bryant, Melanie Rebo, Amber Childress, Clesha Melody Woods-Jackson, Lorie Navarra, Carla Cotton, Casandra Dawn, Lalania Thielen, Anna Gebhardt, Miki Kierulf, and Brooke Silverglide-Nakagawa. I hope today, and all days, brings you happiness with your kids. I know today might really just be an extra phone call, or flowers, or breakfast in bed or lunch. But it’s a day that should be remembered with a few extra words, some photos, some extra time spent together, and some memories – either recalled, made or both. I hope you all have a joyous day!

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